As a writer and entertainer, I’m very much aware of this. Insulting those who give me their hard earned money is something I always strive to never ever do.

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One hundred years ago, the ability to throw something sixty yards would’ve been a mildly amusing talent to have in the brickyard, on lunch breaks. The guys could all gather round and bet on how far you could chuck this or that for a few minutes. But then the whistle would blow and you’d all have to get back to work. Real work.

Speedy legs would’ve come in handy if you were in the delivery business or had to get a message to the next farm over, three miles away. And a strong back would’ve guaranteed you pretty much nothing but a first string position on the hay bailing detail.

But there was no mechanism or institution in place that would allow you to earn millions of dollars for any of those “talents.” Keep in mind, this was true for anyone of ANY race.

I think about this all the…

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Still haven’t updated the picture

And I really should to, as I shaved last week, and for the first time in over a decade I am now clean shaven (may even be longer than that, I’ve had a beard and/or mustache for more years than I haven’t). So yeah, I look a little different now. I was at a convention this last weekend where I know a lot of people, and many of whom didn’t recognize me at first, until I said hello.

Wow, they sure make this a pain in the Ass!

So, thought I’d set up a wordpress account, solely because so many of the people I deal with have them.

And wow, what a pain! I thought blogger was a bit annoying, but wordpress really takes the cake. It’s got lots of arcane things, no ‘simple’ setting, and navigating it and figuring out how it all works is fairly counter-intuitive most of the time. And the links they give you, they take you who the hell knows where.

And on top of that is wordpress’s famous complete lack of security, so you know odds are good your page will be hacked, and hacked often.

Well, I guess I’ll see if I can figure this out, but I’ve already put more time into it than the ten minutes I wanted to. Because I already have a blog and I don’t know that I need yet another one.

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