Whee it’s 2022

So yeah, I called it for 2021. It was as bad as expected and so many people drank the cool aide that even when people started dropping dead left and right from it, nobody could add one and one and get two. Things have gotten to the point where anybody with any critical thinking skills and a little bit of education realizes that they’ve been lied to, and are still being lied to, and the numbers, and all the other stuff they were told were complete bold faced lies.

Funny that.

Then there’s the economy. In less than 9 months we more than doubled inflation. Shortages of everything we took for granted, including food, are common place now. Australia has opened up concentration camps. Washington State, and New York State are trying (and hoping) to do the same. We got a war in the Ukraine coming, we got people in the government who -desperately- want a war with Russia, and we got a senile guy in the oval office who is just a prop for whoever is really running the country – oh, my Mom died from senile dementia just a year ago. I know the signs. It’s a terrible thing, but then again, I don’t know that it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy. Then again, WE are the ones paying the price for it, he has no idea at all what’s going on.

So yeah, super high gas prices, super high inflation (over 15 percent, probably over 20 now) housing has skyrocketed, people are being told to take a vaccine that has a chance of killing you that’s pretty high or lose your job, lose your ability to buy food, etc. (I can’t recall the last time people were forced to take a vaccine, can you?) Oh, and the vaccine doesn’t protect you from the disease, but don’t worry, the changed the definition of ‘vaccine’ just to make the stupid and ignorant feel safe.

Just wait until the fallout from this vax starts showing up in a decade. Why else seal all the testing data until everyone alive today is long dead?

Yeah, I got the coof this year, caught it from a vaxxed person. Because I have permanent lung damage it gave me pneumonia. The ER told me what I had, then kicked me out. No treatment. For me pneumonia is kind of a death sentence. So I took the ivomectin (I use it on my animals) and miracle of miracles! It worked. Covid was gone within 12 hours. My lungs stopped filling up and I could make it to Monday and see my doc and get treated for the pneumonia. Yeah, it sucked, and yeah it sucked that the doctor from the third world shithole the treated me and could barely speak english refused to help me, but I’m an old man and they want me dead anyways.

So, things you can look forward to this year? War overseas. More shortages. More food shortages. If you live in California, no pork. Much higher gas prices, and more intrusive government. Out here in the country where I live, there are a LOT of empty shelves in the food stores. And we’re the ones growing the food. I don’t know how it is in the cities, but pretty soon the folks growing it are gonna say ‘fuck off and starve, we’re keeping it for ourselves’ and then what are you going to do?

Yeah, we’re in a shitty place and things are only going to get worse. A lot worse. I’d hoped I was wrong with the predictions for last year, but I wasn’t. Maybe I’ll get lucky and be wrong this time.

And maybe my fellow citizens will study some civics, learn the damn Constitution, and stop buying into the BS that the media and the government are selling them.

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