The ‘I’m Stuck at Home with Nothing to Read’ Sale

Many of you I know are stuck at home this weekend and all of next week due to the Corona Virus. I wanted you all to know that I sympathize and wanted to do something to help. So, to make it easier on all of you, I’ve created this:

Introducing The Corona Virus Sale:

On Sale from this Saturday (21st) at 7am (in US stores) and 4am in UK stores until Midnight Friday the 27th! That’s right, all of the following books are on sale for 99 cents, for the entire week! That’s Nineteen books for only 99 cents each (or pence I guess if you live in the UK)!

As John Van Stry:

Hammer Commission Books:

Hammer Commission (Book 1)

Wolf Killer (Book 2)

Loose Ends (Book 3)

The King of Las Vegas (Stand Alone)

Children of Steel Universe:

Children of Steel


Danger Money

Portals Of Infinity:

Champion For Hire (Book 1)

The God Game (Book 2)

Of Temples and Trials (Book 3)

The Sea of Grass (Book 4)

Days of Future Past Trilogy:

Past Tense (Book 1)

Present Tense (Book 2)

Future Tense (Book 3)

As Jan Stryvant:

The Valens Legacy Series:

Black Friday (Book 1)

Perfect Strangers (Book 2)

Over Our Heads (Book 3)

Head Down (Book 4)




That’s right! ALL are on sale for 99 cents each (or 99 pence I guess if you’re in the UK) from Saturday morning (the 21st) until midnight Friday, the 27th!

If you’re stuck at home, I wanted to be sure everyone could afford to have something, or lots of things, to read!


Links to books under my name, John Van Stry can be found at:

Links to books under my pen name Jan Stryvant can be found at: