Just A Brief Update

So, I’m one-handed for a while, injured my left arm fairly seriously, had surgery, and when the bandages come off tomorrow (I hope) it’s into a braced for a few months. So typing is 1-handed and no bass playing.

The suit against the pirate has been progressing, you can find it and updates on ‘gofundme’. (https://www.gofundme.com/bring-ebookbike-to-justice) It hasn’t been cheap, but thanks to those contributing, I may only end up 10 or 20 grand out of pocket. See, that’s why these people can get away with it, the feds won’t do anything, even though it is a crime and there are all sorts of treaties involved. So you have to pursue it yourself and it is incredibly expensive to do so. You can’t just walk into court, those days are just long gone.

Dealing with all of this hasn’t been fun, it’s actually been rather stressful. Sure, everyone talks about doing something, but no one ever does. I’m kind of hopeful that the government’s stand may be changing to one of doing something, but I can only hope. This guy hurt a lot of people very badly, while making money off of them, and then just laughed about it.

Then of course there is the guy plagiarizing my books. He’s learned how to steer clear of legal trouble, so far, but eventually I may have to take legal action, again, if he doesn’t knock it off. He claims to be this smart savvy writing guy and even teaches others. I wonder what they’d all think if they knew he was ripping others off cause he can’t come up with his own ideas. All I ever wanted to do was to be able to make a living by entertaining people with my stories, and now that I’m finally able to do that, I got these scum sucking cowards ripping me off. And they all try to act like they’re righteous and honest men.

Who knew that writing was such a crime filled occupation? I guess you start making money and the scammers will always come running. Because hard work is just too hard…