So we’re in Texas now

The move is (almost) complete. We got called by the movers today and told our stuff should be here, in a day or two (it’s been over a month). But I’m finally starting to be hopeful that the rest of our stuff will be here. Word to the wise, spend the extra money and go with one of the major movers. They move your stuff immediately, and they’re not going to disappear unexpectedly.

So far I like Texas, it’s definitely a nice place than California. The people are way nicer here too. Oh, there’s always a few idiots and people that make you want to swear, but there’s less of them here, and a lot of the ones who piss you off do seem to apologize when they realize they’ve made a mistake. My only complaint is that people are a bit slower about things out here. But I grew up in NY, a place where when you agreed to do something, you usually showed up the next day and knocked it out quickly. Here people aren’t as rushed.

Not saying it’s a bad thing, just saying it’s something I need to get used to.

One thing I have been liking a lot here is that people seem to be a lot better about business dealings and keeping their word and their commitments. I’m sure in the big cities here there are lots of people looking to screw you, but that’s not the case out in the country, (and before anyone claims it’s an aspect of country living, I lived in the country in Oregon for a decade, and a lot of Oregonians will screw you if you don’t watch out.)

The weather here has been unseasonably wet this year. That’s caused a few delays on things, but not all that many. We’ve got about a dozen projects to take care of to make the new place the way we want it to be and the biggest one got finished last week. The next biggest should be done next week. Then it’s just a series of small things to deal with. Getting a gas stove top in the kitchen is one of those. I really hate cooking on electric burners.

Unfortunately there have been some stressful incidents along the way, and that has impacted my work a lot more than I would have liked. I’d planned to release my next novel a few days from now, but at this point I’ll be lucky to get it out before the end of the month. But with all of those things gone (with the sole exception of the movers who will hopefully be here by Friday), I’m predicting clear sailing and a return to my usual work routine.