Moving Soon

So we’ve bought a new house and we’re about 2/3rds moved into it. In two weeks movers show up to pack up and haul all of the furniture away to the new place. Then we’re out of the once great state of California and off to Texas.

This is the second time in my life where I’ve moved cross country and into an area where I really don’t know that many people. The other was when I moved from NY to Oregon. Thankfully I had a lot less stuff then, and it was just me making the move. While this move is about 2/3rds the distance, there’s two of us now, plus pets, and a hell of a lot more stuff.

I will definitely be glad when the end of this month arrives and all of this has been completed.

I will miss some of the pastimes and people I’ve come to know and enjoy in the last dozen or so years I’ve been living in California, however I will not miss California itself. I’ve grown to hate California and the vast majority of the people who live here, because they took a place that was once a paradise, and have pissed it away into a total hellhole. California is on the fast track to third world nation status (parts of it, like San Francisco, have already achieved it), and when it hits bottom, it’s going to be an epic disaster.

Understand I’m not leaving exactly willingly, I’m leaving because several of my hobbies and possession are now a felony in the state of California, regardless of that document called the Constitution. I’m not talking far-out ‘right wing’ conspiracy theory stuff either. Just things I’d openly bought or made over the years I’d lived here, things that California gave me ‘permission’ to own (even though there’s that pesky document again) and suddenly outlawed on pain of incarceration, with no compensation for the property that they have effectively ‘seized’.

This is something California has done twice now in the 25 years I’ve been associated with the state (I used to get sent here for work back in my DOD and Tech days fairly often and sometimes for over a year at a time). Each time they did it, they made promises, which they promptly broke and people ended up in jail or with huge financial losses.

Then there’s that whole dam fiasco. If people knew how close we came to losing that dam and having multiple cities wiped off the map and hundreds of thousands of people killed, maybe, MAYBE, they’d wake up and do something about it.

But I honestly doubt it.

So yeah, crime is rising, quickly. The laws are being applied randomly, when they’re applied at all. Taxes are going up. The state has a half trillion dollar debt that they scrupulously ignore ever talking about. Only Democrats are allowed on the ballot to run for office, and with such a super majority guaranteed forever, they’re passing laws that only the Mad Hatter himself could have thought up. It’ll be detroit all over again, only this time writ large.

And I’m just so incredibly glad that I’m escaping all of it.